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Come see new singer Manny Cockskars on Jan 5th at the Dollhut in Anaheim!

"All Broke Downt" just hit  online stores nationwide! Are y'all diggin' it?

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 Started for the main reason of creating something new and different, Larry Lugz and Bone Merrow (of RIOTGUN infamy) ventured into deeper Rock realms to differentiate from the solid Streetpunk/Americore of RIOTGUN to create a looser more Rawk vibe influenced by the likes of MC5, Stooges and Little Richard. Yeah, it's still punk, but yet it's a lot more. Heading into territories that span from the whimsical 50's era of Rock, to the new era of modern heavy tunage, to a melodic catterwhal of gritty street sounds. Down and dirty, sleek and bombastic. It's dangerous but with a familiar flair of fun!

About the Band


Inspired by solid Punk, Rock, Surf and hardcore music, Broken Patron Saints creates their own California hybrid of underground music. Nothing is sacred nor is it off limits. Every song takes a direction that is uniquely it's own path, yet still staying true to it's signature "Rawk n' Rule!" flavor!

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